4 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

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In some cases, keeping clients happy is easier said than done. But most clients simply want timely communication, accurate information, and validation they made the right choice moving forward with you as their REALTOR®. There are tons of tips on this topic, but here are four to keep you headed in the correct direction.

1. Accurate CMAs

If you haven’t already, you should take a couple of minutes to read this: The Value of an Accurate CMA. The more time you spend making sure your data is solid, the more you’ll set yourself up to be a winner in your client’s book.  An accurate CMA ensures you’re pricing your client’s property competitively or ensuring they are making competitive offers. Matrix is a good place to start. This recorded webinar should help: How to Create a CMA in Matrix.

2. Provide Listing Metrics reports

My REcolorado Metrics is a tool that allows you to see how your listings are performing on REcolorado.com, Homesnap, syndication, and IDX websites. Providing Listing Metrics Sellers Reports to your clients allows you to show them the activity on their listing.  Read about Listing Metrics here in this handy product reference and FAQ document, or watch this quick, four-minute YouTube tutorial. Additionally, sign up for the Learn@Lunch webinar on Friday, June 23: How Are Your Listings Performing on REcolorado.com

3. Timely communications from the Client Portal

Are you sending listings and auto emails to your clients through their client portal? You can use the Recent Portal Visitors widget on your Matrix dashboard to see who is vising their portal, rating properties, and sending you notes. For more information on how to use the Client Portal, visit the ‘Help’ tab in Matrix and type in ‘client portal.’ You’ll return several helpful documents and videos. Additionally, check out these two recorded webinars: Client Portal: Communicating with Your Customers and How to Create Auto Emails for Your Clients. Or, take the Matrix: Communications Tools class for CE Credit (there’s an upcoming class at 9 a.m. on June 20 at REcolorado and you can sign up here).

4. Immediately follow up on leads you receive from REcolorado.com

REcolorado.com receives 2.5 million visitors per month. There’s nothing more frustrating for a potential client than sending an email through REcolorado.com and not receiving a return email. It’s to your benefit to follow up on every one of these potential leads! In a real estate market where leads are hard to come by, why wouldn’t you follow up? Also, we’re assuming you’ve completed your REcolorado.com agent profile. If you haven’t AND you’re not getting any leads from REcolorado.com, that might be why. Check out this thought-leadership article from REcolorado Chairman Jim Wanzeck on why a completed profile is important.