How to Conveniently Keep Your Listings up to Date

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The My Listing widget on your Matrix dashboard groups your listings to help you determine the ones that need attention. Perhaps you have a couple of listings that lack photos. The My Listing widget identifies those listings, allowing you to easily make updates. (Note: The widget only identifies sections that apply to you. For example, if you don’t have any Incoming listings, that section will not display in your widget.)

My Listing Widget

My Listing Matrix

Here’s a few popular widget sections and how they can help you: 

My Active Listings

View your current active inventory.

My Expiring Listings (14 days)

View your listings in inventory that are within 14 days of their expiration date.  If needed, extend the expiration date to match your listing agreement with the sellers by conveniently editing the listing from the button bar.

My U/C Listings

View your Under Contract listings. This list helps you easily manage the closing schedule and document sold information.  From this menu option, you can quickly change the listing to Sold status.

My U/C Listings past Expiration

View your Under Contract listings that are beyond their original listing termination date. If these listings are changed back to Active status, their expiration date should also be changed to match the current listing agreement termination date; otherwise the listings will automatically expire. (Note: listings that are in Active and Withdrawn status will automatically expire when their expiration date has passed.)

My Listings with NO Photos

View and easily edit your Active and Under Contract listings that do not yet have a photo. REcolorado rules require that unless otherwise specified by the sellers, at least one photograph that pertains to the property must be submitted to the MLS within 3 business days.

My Incoming Listings 

View your ‘in progress’ new listings that are not yet active. Once you’ve selected the specific listing, you can continue working on it using the ‘Edit’ button.

My Deleting Incoming Listings

View your Incoming “in-progress” new listings might be nearing an automatic deletion date. To prevent clutter, Matrix will automatically remove Incoming status listings that have not been updated in the past 30 days. To avoid losing your Incoming status listing, edit the listing and submit it again to reset the date.

My Editable Listings

View your current inventory of Incoming, Active, Under Contract and Withdrawn status listings. From this menu, conveniently edit any of these status listings.

My Off-Market Listings (2 years)

Easily locate your Withdrawn, Expired/Terminated, Under Contract, and Sold listings from the past two years. You can create a report of your sold production from this menu, and find listings that are in Withdrawn status that should be Expired.


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