ShowingTime Releases Several Sleek Upgrades

By lshoemaker reco-news, InfoSparks, FastStats, ShowingTime With 0 Comments

You love how easy ShowingTime makes the scheduling and confirmation portion of showings, but you just wish the tool had a quick way to view relevant market stats for the area you’re showing. Now, it does! When you receive your next ShowingTime confirmation email, it’ll have a market stats chart for median sales price for the specific ZIP Code in which the property your showing is located. Additionally, if you click the FREE MarketStats button underneath the chart, it’ll take you directly to InfoSparks. (FYI, ShowingTime is the producer of InfoSparks and FastStats, and because ShowingTime has multiple integrated products, it’s able to produce integrated features!)

Furthermore, InfoSparks now includes two new metrics for showing statistics based on analytics from ShowingTime.

Shows to Contract is the median or average number of showings  scheduled per listing that went into Under Contract status during that period. 

Shows per Listing is the average number of showings scheduled for active listings by month.

All InfoSparks features are available for the Shows to Contract and Shows per Listing metrics, meaning you can narrow down by geography, price range, and property features, adjust the timeframe, and share charts including these new metrics. 

For more on InfoSparks, check out the recorded webinar InfoSparks – Market Area Statistics at Your Fingertips.