Listing Data Checker (LDC)

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Our new article series What’s That Widget? walks you through the widgets on your Matrix dashboard and how to use them. Two weeks ago, you learned about the My Listings widget. Next up, Listing Data Checker.

 Let’s start with the basics. What is Listing Data Checker? Often referred to simply as LDC, Listing Data Checker is an automated tool integrated with Matrix and used by REcolorado Customer Care that helps ensure accurate and timely listing information in Matrix, improving data quality for everyone. LDC has several integration points with Matrix to help you manage your listings.

 Before we get to the Listing Data Checker widget, it’s important for you to note that there’s a way for you to check your listing for compliance during listing input. It’s called Listing Compliance Check, and it puts you in control of ensuring your listing contains accurate, timely, and complete data.

 You’ll see the Listing Compliance Check option after you submit a listing to Active, Under Contract, Withdrawn, Sold, or Expired Status. Or, you can access it under in the Input tab under Modify Listing. When you click the link, you’ll see a listing detail report from LDC that indicates possible violations in red text.

Input Succeeded

 Now you’re ready to learn about the Listing Data Checker widget. It’s available on your Matrix dashboard and allows you to quickly access any current violations you have, your violation history, and any potential violations you’ve reported. Handy, right? To make the most of the widget, we recommend moving it higher up on your dashboard. (Matrix makes it easy to click and drag widgets so you can place them wherever you want.) Moving the widget higher up allows you to keep an eye on it to make sure your listings are copasetic.


 Wait. Backup. Did you say I can report listings?

 Good question. Yes, you can! Our motto around here is, “If you see something, say something.” Chances are, the author of the listing didn’t realize it was a violation. Under every listing in Matrix, there’s a button that looks like a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it:


This button is called Report It, and it’s available on the Full display for all property types. To report a violation, click the link and complete the form. The most common categories of violations are listed, or you can enter a note describing the violation. The form is automatically associated with the selected listing and sent to REcolorado Customer Care for review and possible action. For privacy purposes for both parties (reporter and listing agent), all reported violations are treated as confidential.