Matrix Auto Emails and Saved Searches: There's a Difference

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What’s the difference between a Matrix Saved Search and an Auto Email?

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Ever wonder what the difference between a Matrix Saved Search and an Auto Email is – or why we have both?

A Saved Search is search that you want to access on your own schedule, whenever you want to see the updated results that match specific search criteria. You must manually go to the search to review the results.

An Auto Email is a search that will automatically send email alerts to your contacts and you (if you select BCC) whenever new and updated listings match that specific search criteria. Your clients will receive an email with a link to view the listing(s) details in their interactive Client Portal.  You can choose to receive a BCC email which will have a link to view your Client’s Portal, as well as a convenient link so that you can view the search results and the full listings directly in Matrix.

Why do we have both options?  

Sometimes Matrix users just want to save the “bones” of a search and review the results on their own schedule, without needing an email reminder to view listings. From a Saved Search, you can select specific results to email or generate reports if/when needed.  

You can also save a search to use it as a “form” or template to create additional searches later, without having to start all over. This is especially useful if there are specific search criteria you use often or a map shape you want to use again in the future. Saved Searches can be used in a “save as” manner to start a new search easily from a previously existing search, and then adjusted or saved to a new version for a new client’s specific needs.

The Auto Email is designed to be used as the automatic alerting tool to provide listing information directly to your clients in their interactive Client Portal. From their portal they can view all photos for each listing, tag listings as “Favorites” or “Possibilities” and even write listing notes to communicate with you. 

Do you have to set up both a Saved Search and an Auto Email for clients to get alerts? 

No. Matrix does not have any connection or link between Saved Searches and Auto Emails. Actually, it can be confusing for some to have both a Saved Search and an Auto Email with the exact same name (or subject). Changes made to the Saved Search will not affect a similarly named Auto Email, or vice versa.  

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To learn more about how to manage your Auto Emails, reference this great Matrix Help Document. You can also view many additional How to Guides and help documents in the Matrix Help Tab.   

For more information about Matrix Auto Emails and Saved Searches please contact our Customer Care team at 303.850.9576, option 1. We are happy to help you understand your search options and make your searches work best for you and your clients. 

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